Who are the Shadow Republic

Shadow Republic is influenced by punk, reggae, 90’s rock, industrial and metal. Their sound is like Audioslave, The Butterfly Effect and System of A Down, but they aren’t bound by any genre.

Jono, Mike and John started in Western Sydney playing industrial, rock and grunge while Dave was in the Eastern Suburbs playing punk, reggae and metal. Shadow Republic was formed over drinks between two mates in a city pub in 2011 with a focus to write music with meaning and has been on a song writing frenzy ever since. 

Regulars at The Annandale Hotel in 2013 Shadow Republic rocks the stage and lets the material turn you. They recently recorded their debut record The Wings Broken EP which is available on iTunes and streaming everywhere.

In 2014 Shadow Republic will be recording new material and stopping as many stages as possible. 

Verum Nex Alcedonia

Band Members:
Jono (Vocals)
Mike (Guitar)
John (Bass)
Dave (Drums)